Single point lock door system

A single point lock door system is a locking system that uses a single latch to secure a door. This type of system is often used on entry doors, as it provides good security while still being relatively easy to use. A single point lock door system typically consists of a latch that is mounted on the door jamb, and a deadbolt that is mounted on the door itself. In order to lock the door, the user simply needs to turn the deadbolt.

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  • Product details

    Product Specification


    Brand: Xingsanxing

    Body Type: Aluminium Alloy ADC12 +Zamak 5# + Austenitic SS304+Copper same as European brand.

    Usage: Non-Euro profile Aluminium Door

    Model No.: Xingsanxing M400

    Delivery Time: 23-25 business days

    Free Sample: YES

    Free Hardware Fitment: YES


    Technical specification


    1.Used for non-Euro aluminium profile

    2.System include:Handle+cylinder+mortise lock+hinge+lock plate

    3.Single sash perfect size:900*2200mm

    4.The max capacity bearing depends on the sash size,profile,kindly contact us for free hardware fitment and technical support


    Installation Guide




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