One Side Key And One Side Knob Of Mortise Cylinder

Mortise cylinders are a type of mechanical lock that uses a key on one side and a knob on the other. They are common in commercial and industrial applications, but can also be found in some residential settings. Mortise cylinders are very strong and secure, making them an excellent choice for high-security areas.



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    Constructed of an aluminum housing with a solid brass core and brass key, the Euro Cylinder Lock operates from the inside and the emergency release slot from the outside, ideal for bathroom, bedroom and other interior door locks.


    Product Specification




    Finish:Satin Stainless Steel


    Model No.:SMZX33-58T



    Product Description


    Technical Specification:

    Distance - 

    Backset - 


    Key Features:

    -Corrosion resistant for enhanced durability.

    -High security Euro profile cylinder.

    -European locking technology.

    -Locks come in different designs and sizes.

    -Aesthetic design.



    -Striking plate

    -Lock and striking plate fixing screws

    -Fore end finish - Stainless steel (SSS)




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