NPX420K-European Standard Concealed Tilt-Turn window system

The tilt/turn window is Xingsanxing's highest performing window system. 

The design utilizes twin seal compression with overlapping sash and frame, which greatly reduces air, water and sound infiltration.

Xingsanxing has proven this design withyears of continuous, extensive use by satisfied clients.

Xingsanxing offers European-style tilt/turn windows that tilt inward at the top for ventilation and hinge at the side to swing in for easy cleaning and egress.

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    European Standard Groove Window System Hardware for Fire Resistant Concealed Tilt Turn Window


    The European Standard Groove Window System Hardware for Fire Resistant Concealed Tilt Turn Window is designed to provide superior performance in fire resistance, acoustic insulation, and thermal insulation. The hardware is also designed for easy installation and maintenance.


    Tilt turn windows are growing in popularity in Europe due to their many advantages. One advantage is that they are fire resistant. The hardware for these windows is different than for other types of windows, and it is important to choose the right hardware to ensure the best possible performance. This article will provide an overview of the different hardware options for fire resistant concealed tilt turn windows.


    European Standard Concealed Tilt-Turn window system Specification


    Brand: Xingsanxing

    Body Type: ADC12 +Zamak 5# and Die Cast same as European brand.

    Finish: Powder Coating&Anodising

    Colour: Silver/Black/White/customized color

    Usage: Tilt Turn Window

    Model No.: Xingsanxing NPX420K

    Delivery Time: 23-25 business days

    Free Sample: YES

    Free Hardware Fitment: YES


    Features of European Standard Concealed Tilt-Turn window system 


    1.Concealed hinges for better thermal insulation, energy saving and environmental protection.

    2. The handle is easy to install and beautiful,steady and safe.

    3. Transmission is light and silent.

    4. The maximum load is 130KG.

    5. The upper and lower hinges are are easy to install with socket screws. Left and right adjustment ±2mm, up and down adjustment +5mm.

    6. The corner device comes with an anti-misoperation device for safety 

    7.The hardware is made of Zamak 5#  with anodising. Various color and treatment available.



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