Locking point for locking pin block

Locking pins are critical components in many industries including construction, automotive and aerospace. A locking pin block is a device used to secure a locking pin in place. There are many different designs of locking pin blocks, but they all serve the same purpose - to keep the locking pin from moving. This is important because if the locking pin moves, it can cause damage or even failure of the structure or machine that it is holding together.

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    About Locking point for locking pin block


    The ball lock pin is a very safe quick release pin. They have a button that initiates the action and retraction of the ball, and can only be released by pressing the button. Ball lock pin design combines secure fastening and quick release for easy removal. Steel lanyard or nylon lanyard can be added as a low-cost tether to prevent loss


    Our "keylock" has a barrel and locking mechanism. Use the key provided to lock the pin so that it cannot be removed without being unlocked. Other ball lock pin styles include our T-handle style and our standard version - a simplified style that is cheaper and gets the job done!


    Xingsanxing's ball-lock pin design features a one-piece cold-formed body and one-piece spindle for improved durability.


    Ball locking pins are also called forward locking pins, ball pins, double ball positioning pins, button pins, quick release pins, quick pins, and connection pins.


    Made of heat-treated alloy steel, it has strength and durability. The standard finish is zinc with yellow chromate. Other finishes are available.











    Product Advantage 


    1.Good Corrosion Resistance & Mechanical Properties

    2.High Strength at High Temperatures

    3.High quality, durable, excellent surface, reasonableprice

    4.Best after-sales service

    5.More than 35 years manufacturing and export experience.



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