Friction Stay Hinges Set for Side Hung Opening Series

Friction stay hinges are one of the most popular types of hinges used in a variety of applications. A friction stay is a type of hinge that uses friction to keep a window or door in place. Friction stays are often used on doors that are subject to high winds, such as storm doors. They are also commonly used on windows that need to be opened and closed with ease, such as casement windows.


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  • Product details


      Product name:   Friction stay   Model number:   HPR22
      Weight:   According to final products   Size:   324*21.8mm
      Certificates:    GMC,CE,ISO9001   Package   Bag inside carton with wood pallet outside
      Customization:   Available    Payment term   30% T/T in advance,the balance finish before shipment
      Funcation:   Suitable for door and window   Place of Origin   Haining City, China (Mainland)
      Material:   304 Stainless   Supply Ability   5000000 Pieces
      Color:   Customized    Delivery time   25 working days 
      Type:    Door & Window hardware    Usage:    Casement Window





    Product Description


    1.Suitable for light commercial and residential applications.

    2. SS 304 has a Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number (PREN) of 20, has good intergranular corrosion resistance, and can be used well in corrosive environments.

    3. The stacking height is suitable for aluminum and PVC-U applications.

    4. Specially designed for aluminum side-mounted and top-mounted vents and PVC-U windows.

    5. Self-balancing has excellent weather sealing ability.

    6. Pressure adjustment screw for friction setting to accommodate different sash weights.

    7. Able to withstand positive and negative wind loads under closed conditions.

    8. When the sash is far enough away from the door frame, it is easy to clean the exterior glass surface.

    9. Vents can be opened up to 88°.

    10. Also suitable options for top mount vents.

    11. Class V Corrosion Resistance - successfully tested for 500 hours of corrosion resistance in a neutral salt spray solution.



    Product Advantage 


    1.Symmetrical arrow end points and caps can open the hinge on either side, universal and prevent damage to the hinge due to accidental opening.

    2. Smoother and stickier - No sliding movement of vents, low wear, longer life and low maintenance due to no metal-to-metal contact and self-cleaning of debris.

    3. Very good mechanical properties lead to easy load-carrying capacity and longer service life

    4. Longer service life due to low wear and tear

    5. Can withstand repeated loading and unloading cycles, so more operation cycles can be achieved, longer service life

    6. Good corrosion resistance, can be used in mildly corrosive environment.

    7. Adjust the force required to open and close the window, which is convenient for users to operate.

    8. It is safer to prevent the sash from closing automatically due to its own weight, because there is no chance of the sash closing accidentally.

    9. Fits most profiles without further processing, easier and faster assembly, saving time and increasing productivity.



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