Friction Stay Hinges Set For Side Hung Vent

Friction Stay Window is a new type of window that opens and closes without the use of any mechanical parts. The window is opened and closed by the force of friction between the window and the frame. The advantage of this type of window is that it is very easy to operate and does not require any maintenance.

The friction support hinges are set up as side-mounted vents. They offer a wide selection of different types of vents. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your home. The following tips will help you choose the best friction support hinge for your needs.

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  • Product details


      Product name:   Friction stay   Model number:   HPD22
      Weight:   According to final products   Size:   272.5*16.5mm
      Certificates:    GMC,CE,ISO9001   Package   Bag inside carton with wood pallet outside
      Customization:   Available    Payment term   30% T/T in advance,the balance finish before shipment
      Funcation:   Suitable for door and window   Place of Origin   Haining City, China (Mainland)
      Material:   304 Stainless   Supply Ability   5000000 Pieces
      Color:   Customized    Delivery time   25 working days 
      Type:    Door & Window hardware    Usage:    Side Hung Vent for Aluminium






    Product Description


    1.Suitable for aluminum and PVC-U applications.

    2. It has good resistance to intergranular corrosion and can be used well in corrosive environments.

    3. The sash can be moved forward by unlocking the latch for easy cleaning options. Friction hinge resets to outlet mode when closed.

    4. Specially designed for side-mounted vents for aluminum and PVC-U windows.

    5. Self-balancing has excellent weather sealing ability.

    6. Pressure adjustment screw, can adapt to different sash weights.

    7. Asymmetric arrow ends and end caps ensure tighter closure and better resistance to wind pressure.

    8. Can withstand positive and negative wind loads under closed conditions.

    9. When the sash is far enough away from the door frame, it is easy to clean the exterior glass surface.

    10.V Class Corrosion Resistance - Corrosion resistance tested in neutral salt spray solution for 500 hours.



    Product Advantage 


    1. The asymmetric end of the sash mounting leaf enters the asymmetric end cap on the frame mounting leaf a little earlier, thus ensuring the perfect closing of the sash. The tight closure of the sash requires better resistance to wind loads.

    2. Smoother and stickier - No sliding movement of the vents, low wear and self-cleaning of debris.

    3. Very good mechanical properties lead to easy load-carrying capacity and longer service life

    4. Due to low wear, low wear, longer service life and low maintenance.

    6. Very good corrosion resistance. Can be used in corrosive environments such as near the sea or chemical plants.

    7. Adjust the force required to open and close the window, which is convenient for users to operate.

    8. Prevent the sash from automatically closing due to its own weight.

    9. Keep the room fresh and ventilated, there is also the possibility of emergency exits. Friction hinges automatically reset to exit, so safety is not compromised.

    10. Easier to clean and maintain. Cleaning is made easier and resets to exit mode when shutting down, so safety is not compromised.



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