European standard single-lock casement door system

The European standard single-lock casement door system is a new way to increase the security of your home. This system uses a single lock to secure the door in place, making it much more difficult for burglars to break in. The system is easy to install and can be used on any type of door.

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    Product Specification


    Brand: Xingsanxing

    Body Type: Aluminium Alloy ADC12 +Zamak 5# + Austenitic SS304+Copper same as European brand.

    Usage: Non-Euro profile Aluminium Door

    Model No.:Xingsanxing M300

    Delivery Time:23-25 business days

    Free Sample:YES

    Free Hardware Fitment:YES


    A new type of door system is becoming increasingly popular in Europe- the single-lock casement door system. This system offers a number of advantages over traditional door systems, including increased security and energy efficiency. In addition, the single-lock casement door system is easier to install and operate than traditional door systems.


    Technical specification


    1.Used for Euro groove aluminium profile

    2.System include:Handle+lockbase+mortise lock+hinge+lock plate

    3.Single sash perfect size:900*2200mm

    4.The max capacity bearing depends on the sash size,profile,kindly contact us for free hardware fitment and technical support


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