Crescent Lock for uPVC Sliding Window

UPVC Sliding Window Crescent Lock is a new type of lock that is designed to fit onto UPVC sliding windows. This lock is easy to install and provides an extra level of security for your home. The Crescent Lock is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand forced entry attempts. This lock is the perfect solution for anyone looking to increase the security of their UPVC sliding window.



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    About window crescent lock


    In addition, our products in window crescent lock come with all sorts of designs. We have antique, modern, or simple designs that go with different decorations. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We sincerely hope that you can find your ideal door lock cylinders here.


    In addition to padlocks, an array of cylinders are also available in our window crescent lock section. There are many options here for wholesalers to choose from for your customers who wish to change only the cylinder rather than the whole lock. If you have customers who want to buy cylinder locks for a storage unit for their teenage kids or find public storage cylinder lock for themselves, you can find the products accordingly in the window cresscent lock list at Why not start your shopping right away and explore our lovely offerings?


    For those who are picking a cylinder lock, convenient installation and durability are usually among the first two factors to be considered. We can definitely help with that. Our stainless-steel single cylinder deadbolt is made of 304 stainless steel that is erosion-resistant and very durable. Moreover, the lock core and panel are integrated, which makes it convenient to install. Other than these products, other products such as double cylinder deadbolts, rim cylinders, toolbox lock cylinders are also available. Products made of different materials such as brass or aluminum can also be found.







    Crescent Lock for uPVC Sliding Window Description


    1.Sliding door or window (single-point locking) handle.

    2.The L-shaped aluminum-zinc alloy die-cast body is designed with elegant curves.

    3.Made of steel, crescent lock.

    4.Suitable for most PVC-U profiles.

    5.It's easy to set up and user friendly.

    6.Valve bodies made of zinc-based die-cast materials with higher aluminum content than standard zinc alloys provide high strength, high hardness, and good bearing properties.



    Crescent Lock for uPVC Sliding Window Advantage 


    1.Less likely to fade due to exposure to weather conditions or excessive handling.

    2.Longer service life.

    3.Can be easily used on most configuration windows and doors.



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