Closed Body Mortise Lock with Dead Bold & Latch Bolt

Closed body mortise locks with deadbold and latchbolt are some of the most secure locks available on the market today. If you're looking for a high-security option for your home or business, this is a great choice. These locks are extremely difficult to pick, and they're also very tamper-resistant.



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  • Product details




    Product Specification


    Backset:35 mm


    Finish:Satin Stainless Steel

    Size:85 mm x 35 mm

    Model No.:3585A



    Product Description


    Technical Specification:

    Distance - 35 mm

    Backset - 85 mm


    Key Features:

    -For wooden doors

    -For single doors

    -Get ready for European cylinders

    -Zinc alloy latch

    -Zinc Alloy Set Bolts - 2 Way

    -Front End Finish - Stainless Steel (SSS)



    -Striking plate

    -Lock and striking plate fixing screws

    -Fore end finish - Stainless steel (SSS)




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