Aluminium Adjustable Double Wheel Door Roller

Sliding window rollers are an essential part of any sliding window. Without them, the window would not be able to open or close. There are two types of sliding window rollers: those that are attached to the window frame and those that are not. The ones that are not attached to the frame are called bottom-hung window rollers.


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    About Aluminium Adjustable Double Wheel Door Roller 



    Xingsanxing HardwareISO9001:2008 Certified company has over 60 years of experience in the hardware industry and is one of the leading companies in aluminum and uPvc door and window hardware in India.

    Xingsanxing offers customized hardware solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your unique industry and application.

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    Aluminium Adjustable Double Wheel Door Roller advantage



    . Cost effective solution - competitive price compared to our competitors.

    . Custom - we shape ourselves according to the needs of our customers. Therefore, customization in terms of design, powder coating, etc., is possible.

    . Quality - All our products are subject to strict quality control and have undergone 25,000 product test cycles in accordance with European standards, and all products are under our test

    The laboratory conducts internal tests.

    Warranty - We guarantee all products for 10 years without any manufacturing defects.

    . Customer Service - The sales team is located all over the country and each customer is served by a dedicated supervisor who can serve all requirements as a single point of contact


    · Material - aluminum

    · Purpose - Aluminum sliding double roller bearing capacity - 175kg · Size - 37mm







    Aluminium Adjustable Double Wheel Door Roller advantage 


    1.Good Corrosion Resistance & Mechanical Properties

    2.High Strength at High Temperatures

    3.High quality, durable, excellent surface, reasonableprice

    4.Best after-sales service

    5.More than 35 years manufacturing and export experience.



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