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As one of the manufacturers and suppliers of patch parts co-produced in China and sold in India, we warmly welcome you to purchase or wholesale cheap patch parts from our factory. All products are of high quality and low price. Xingsanxing is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of various door hardware accessories with over 30 years of experience. Our main products include: patch accessories, glass clamp, HANDrail bracket, HANDrail ball, HANDrail base/cover/guard plate, etc.



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Patch Fitting Introduction: Patch fitting basics

Patch fitting is an essential part of sewing. There are many different types of patches, and each one serves a specific purpose. In this article, we will discuss the basics of patch fitting, including how to determine the size and shape of a patch, and how to sew it in place.

Types of patch fittings

Patch fittings are one of the most common types of fittings used in piping systems. They are simple, economical, and reliable. There are three main types of patch fittings: threaded, socket weld, and butt weld. Threaded fittings use a threaded connection to join two pipes together. Socket weld fittings use a socket-like connection to join two pipes together. Butt weld fittings use a welded connection to join two pipes together.

How to make a patch fitting

When you're sewing a patch onto a piece of fabric, you'll want to make sure the patch fits well. Here are a few tips for making a patch fit: 

1. Make sure the patch is the right size. If it's too small, it will be difficult to sew on and may not cover the hole completely. If it's too large, it will look oversized and sloppy.


2. Place the patch in the right spot.

How to use a patch fitting

A patch fitting is a tool used to help in the selection of an adhesive patch for repairing a hole or tear in a fabric. The hole is placed over the circular target on the patch fitting, and the adhesive patch is then selected that best matches the size of the hole. The patch is then cut to size and applied to the hole, using an iron if necessary.

Patch fitting troubleshooting

Patch fitting is a process of creating a smooth, even surface on an object. This is often done to repair a crack or hole in the object. The patch is then glued in place and allowed to dry. Patch fitting can be a difficult process, and there are several things that can go wrong. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common patch fitting troubles and how to fix them.


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