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Inward Open Concealed Two-Point Lock Window System


Focus on Hardware Accessories

Xingsanxing cloud Technology

1,Allows for a clean aesthetic look with no visible locking or attachment hardware

2,Can be used to secure any type of curtain wall system

3,Easily locks into place to provide a secure closure

4,Requires no additional tools or assembly

5,Can be operated with one hand

XINGSANXING Cloud Technology Co., Ltd.


Leading enterprise in China's hardwaremanufacturing industry.All products meet customer needs.

With principle of Manufacturing high quality hardware, serving the world, Xingsanxing - the leading brand in Chinese hardware manufacturing industry, Specialize(focuses) in door, window,curtain wall and door control hardware accessories.

  • Full range of multi-category

  • Solve customer needs

  • Focus on R&D and design

  • Serving Global Conce