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Door and Window System Solution

Xingsanxing is a supplier of high quality door hardware co-produced in China and sold in India. The company has been in business for more than 30 years and offers a wide variety of products to meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers. Door and window hardware solutions manufacturers are committed to providing the best products and services to their customers. The company offers a wide variety of products including doorknobs, bolts, locks, door hardware, window hardware, and more.



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What is a door and window system?


A door and window system is a set of components that work together to allow the entry and exit of air and light into a building. The components can be divided into three main categories: door hardware, window hardware, and door assemblies. 


Door hardware typically includes locks, hinges, and latches. It also includes any decorative features, such as handles or trim. Door assemblies typically include the door itself along with the frame, hinges, and latch mechanism. 


Window hardware includes the hinges, lock mechanism, and weather stripping. It can also include any decorative features such as glass panes or trim. Windows are typically assembled in sets of two or more units called sashes.





Types of door and window systems:


There are many different types of door and window systems. Here are the most common: 

-Sliding doors: These open and close by sliding along a track or rail. Sliding doors can be closed with a manual or automatic system. 

-Awnings: Awnings are a type of exterior door that opens outwards, providing shade and protection from the sun. They can be manually or automatically opened and closed. 

-Hinged windows: Hinged windows open and close by pressing a button or lever on the outside of the window. They are usually installed in bedrooms or bathrooms so that people inside can see out while people outside cannot see in. 

-Double glazed windows: Double glazed windows have two panes of glass, one on top of the other.






Your professional hardware doors and Windows manufacturer


Xingsanxing Hardware has been designing and manufacturing door and window Hardware since 1988 and is a leading manufacturer of Chinese co-production for sale in India. Today, our product line includes more than 100 different products, ranging from simple and complex hinges, operators and multi-point patio door lock handles to the complexity of remote, electric operators for Windows and sunroofs. Xingsanxing Hardware has built an unmatched reputation for quality and service that has made us the dominant manufacturer in the industry.


Xingsanxing Hardware is also an engineering solutions specialist and an industry leader in designing new operating Hardware for Windows, patio doors, and sunroofs.


Xingsanxing Hardware is a leading supplier of door and window Hardware in China.


We are a private enterprise with a over 30 years' history for research and development, production and sale in door and window hardware accessories in aluminum, upvc, glass curtain wall system, glass door, door control. With an area of more than 150,000 square meters and over 1500 employees, now we're China's one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum door and window accessories, and also the professional company with both R&D and manufacturing capabilities for door & window hardware products .


We are certified factory for ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, Certification of Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Our sales cover all of China and exported about more than 50 countries until now. Welcome to know and visit our company





Door and window replacement parts and security hardware resources in India


The thousands of unique items in our catalogue reflect how we meet the needs of a wide market. Whether we service dealers nationwide or support individual home maintenance programs, our organization strives to be an integrated resource for replacement and safety hardware.


If you are unable to find a specific type of hardware when browsing our website, please contact us so that we can source the safety or repair parts you need.


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Unlock New Possibilities with Door & Window Hardware


Doors and windows are two of the most important parts of a building's structure. They provide security, privacy, ventilation, and aesthetic value to the structure. Door and window hardware is an essential part of any home or business construction. It provides efficient operation, safety, durability, and style to the doors and windows. From modern handles to traditional locksets, there is a wide variety of door and window hardware available on the market today.


Discover What's New in Door and Window Fittings


Doors and windows are the main focal points of any home or building, offering utility, security and style. Homeowners, interior designers and contractors alike are always looking for the latest in door and window fitting technology to upgrade their space. Whether you’re remodeling your entire house or just replacing your current fittings, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the newest styles, materials and innovations available.




Unlock the Benefits of Innovative Door and Window Hardware


Doors and windows are essential elements of any building, yet they often go unnoticed. Innovative door and window hardware is a relatively new concept that can provide numerous aesthetic, functional, and security benefits. Not only is this hardware designed to enhance the look of your home or business, but it can also improve overall safety and reduce energy costs. From next-generation smart locks to automatic window systems, there are many options available that help you unlock the full potential of your space.


China Door and Window Hardware


China has long been a leader in the production of door and window hardware. Their products are renowned for their quality, reliability, and affordability. Due to increasing demand from around the world, China is now one of the most important suppliers of door and window hardware. In this article, we will explore why China is such an attractive source for these products and what makes them stand out from the rest.



The door and window hardware industry in China has grown significantly in recent years, making it one of the top manufacturers in the world. Homeowners and businesses alike have recognized the quality and affordability of Chinese-made hardware for doors and windows, which has led to a rise in demand. With more people looking for hardware that is made to last, Chinese manufacturers have been working hard to meet this need.


Door and Window Hardware Manufacturer


Doors and windows are essential components of any building, and the hardware used to secure these structures must be of the highest quality. As a leading manufacturer of door and window hardware, we strive to provide our customers with products that not only meet their needs but also last for many years. Our extensive selection includes hinges, locks, handles, knobs, and bolts in a variety of sizes and finishes.

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