What is door and window hardware


What is door and window hardware


Door and window hardware is an important part of any home. It can add style and function to your doors and windows. There are many different types of door and window hardware available, so you can find the perfect style for your home. Door and window hardware can be used to add security to your home, or to simply add a decorative touch. Whatever your needs, there is sure to be door and window hardware that will meet them.


Doors are an indispensable material in indoor space, which can divide indoor space, conform to people's territorial psychology, and at the same time help us feel the different levels of each space.


But usually in space activities, it is the door leaf that is most seen, not the entire composition of the door. The part that is often invisible is particularly important in the process of decoration and landing, which determines the use feeling, time and effect of the door.


What is hardware?


In modern times, hardware refers to five metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin.


The reason why hardware is used in high frequency in daily life and is almost irreplaceable is related to their own characteristics:


1. Long use time


Among these metals, either the earliest discovered by humans (copper), or the most commonly used in the world, or the earth’s most abundant (iron), or the ones that played an important role in the process of history (gold, silver), the most The bad has also appeared in history (tin).


In short, after such a long time of use, both the understanding of such materials and the production process will be relatively complete.


2. Good hardness, texture and texture


As long as the material with high hardness is mentioned, the metal is not the first, then other materials are also afraid to make a sound, especially the finished product after production, the appearance can be made into matte, matte, frosted... (It is even a bit like talking about lipstick The texture of the ~) As long as you want to have it, it can make changes for you~


3. Rich colors and good decorative effect


The colors of the five metals themselves are different, and I have to admit that as long as the materials with a long history are used, people's research on them is very thorough, otherwise they will not make the best use of them. The utilization value is maximized, just to be able to use it at any time.


In addition, the plasticity, ductility, conductivity, gloss and magnetism of metal materials are also very good, so I will not expand them here.


Common location of door hardware


The hinge is also known as the hinge, and the official name is the hinge. It is usually a two-fold type consisting of a pair of metal blades (or parts) connected by shaft pins. It is a part that connects two parts of an object and can make it move, and it is also a furniture door, cover or other parts that need to swing. The two parts are connected. and rotating devices. Hinge hardware is divided into two categories: ordinary hinges and special hinges.


Special hinges are based on ordinary hinges and are subdivided into 3 different types of functional hinges according to the needs of use: lift hinges, hidden hinges, hydraulic buffer hinges


Slide rail hardware


Mainly used on doors that need to use rails for translation, mainly divided into: external door rails, hidden slide rails.