Maintenance and maintenance of door window and curtain wall hardware


Maintenance and maintenance of door, window and curtain wall hardware


As we all know, hardware accessories are an important part of doors, windows and curtain walls, but purchasing high-quality hardware accessories for doors, windows and curtain walls is only the first step! Regular care and maintenance is also very important! Today we are going to talk about how to maintain and maintain the hardware of doors, windows and curtain walls.


You may have also encountered problems such as frequent opening and closing of doors and windows, resulting in loose screws and loose handles. The maintenance and maintenance of these easily overlooked hardware products will directly or indirectly affect the sealing, heat insulation, pressure resistance and other properties of doors and windows, and thus affect the overall experience and service life of doors and windows. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of door and window curtain wall hardware is essential, and only correct and effective maintenance can prolong the service life of doors and windows.


Maintenance and maintenance of door, window and curtain wall hardware


1. To ensure that the products you use can be in an optimal state of use. Please read the installation instructions correctly during installation, operate the construction according to the normal process, and ensure that it can be maintained regularly (maintenance and maintenance should be carried out before winter in alpine areas).


2. For the moving parts, lock seat and adjustable position of the product, it is recommended to add lubricating oil and butter every six months to prolong the service life of the product. If the tightening screws are found to be loose or worn, please repair or replace them in time to avoid affecting normal use.


3. Doors and windows need to be inspected regularly. The maintenance cycle of movable components and friction mechanisms (such as hinges, hinges, etc.) is generally 6 months, and they need to be maintained regularly; doors and windows that are not frequently used should also be inspected regularly and not used for a long time. The hardware components will rust and rust, which is easy to cause safety hazards.


4. Handles, hinges, sliding braces, pulleys and other parts that affect the opening function should be decontaminated and dusted frequently, especially in humid places or seasons in the south or spring, often wipe with a cloth to keep them dry to reduce hardware oxidation and damage. Electrolytic damage. It is strictly forbidden to use corrosive chemicals (such as acetone, xylene, etc.) to clean and treat hardware.


5. After the doors and windows are used for a long time, there are abnormal situations such as falling corners, sagging, and excessive gaps, which can be improved through the adjustment function of hardware.


6. In order to prevent the lock cylinder of the smart door lock from turning insensitively, it needs regular maintenance, but do not drip lubricating oil. You can take a small amount of black powder from the pencil lead and put it into the lock hole. Because the graphite component of the pencil lead is the solid lubricant of the lock cylinder, it has an excellent lubricating effect and does not affect the performance of the lock cylinder.


7. When encountering problems that cannot be solved, you can contact the after-sales service to solve them. Xingsanxing has a complete after-sales service system and can provide technical support in a timely manner to ensure that you have no worries during use.


8. When using doors, windows and curtain walls, you should take care of hardware accessories. For example, do not hang heavy objects on the handle, do not use brute force to switch doors and windows, etc. No matter how high-quality hardware accessories are, improper use will cause adverse effects on them.