Did you choose the right window type


Did you choose the right window type?


my country has a vast territory and different climates in the north and south. Different climatic conditions will have different effects on the wind pressure resistance, air tightness and water tightness of doors and windows. Therefore, choosing the appropriate window type according to local conditions determines the doors and windows to some extent. service life and experience.


Due to the different climates in the north and south, the choice of window type should naturally be adapted to local conditions. At present, in the south, windows are basically opened outside, while in the north, windows are basically opened inside.



Due to more rain or typhoon weather in southern coastal areas and tropical areas, it is recommended to choose external casement windows. After the outer casement window is closed, because its closing mechanism moves from the outside to the inside, when it encounters rain or typhoon weather in the southern coastal areas or tropical areas, due to the direct erosion of external wind pressure or rain, the outer casement window is subject to the opposite direction. Pressure can ensure its tightness and waterproofness. In such cases, due to the impact of wind pressure, especially in high-rise buildings, inward-opening windows may cause water leakage or reduced sealing of doors, windows and window frames under pressure.


In the north, there are many extreme weather such as low temperature and freezing, so it is recommended to choose the inner casement window. This type of window is more convenient to open and close in low temperature conditions in winter; at the same time, in terms of energy saving and heat preservation, many northern regions require the use of double-layer or triple-layer insulating glass, which will increase the self-weight of the casement window itself. Reduce the risk of falling from heights.



At present, there is no mandatory national standard for the use of inner casement windows and outer casement windows, mainly based on provincial and regional standards.


For example, Zhejiang Province stipulates (Zhejiang Provincial Engineering Construction Standard "Technical Regulations for Application of Aluminum Alloy Building Exterior Windows" BD33) that the exterior windows of residential buildings with a building height greater than 27.0m and non-single-story public buildings with a building height greater than 24.0m should be opened internally. When using outward opening windows or sliding windows, there must be devices or measures to prevent the window sash from falling off to the outside.


According to Shanghai regulations, it is mandatory to prohibit the use of external casement windows. Beijing regulations ("Beijing Local Standard-Technical Specifications for Application of Doors and Windows in Residential Buildings" DBJ-01-79-2004) the exterior windows of buildings should be in the form of inner casement and lower hanging opening, and the middle and high-rise, high-rise and residential buildings with a height of more than 100m should be opened. It is strictly forbidden to design and use external casement windows. When using sliding doors and windows, the window sash must have anti-falling measures. At the same time, various regions also have different regulations on issues such as thermal insulation and energy saving efficiency, fall safety, and space saving due to specific environments and usage conditions.


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