About door and window hardware manufacturers


1. XingSanXing


Established in 1988, XingSanXing Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. Know for its brand Xingsanxing is located in Haining, Zhejiang. We are a private enterprise with a over 30 years’ history for research and development, production and sale in door and window hardware accessories in aluminium, upvc, glass curtain wall system,glass door, door control. With an area of more than 150,000 square meters and over 1500 employees, now we’re China's one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum door and window accessories, and also the professional company with both R&D and manufacturing capabilities for door & window hardware products .We are certified factory for ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, Certification of Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Our sales cover all of China and exported about more than 50 countries until now. Welcome to know and visit our company.


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2. Roto


Are you unsure about which hardware technology you should choose to use for your windows and doors out of the many good ones available on the market?

We’re certain that Roto is the best choice. There are many good reasons why you should choose us as your hardware supplier and service partner!


Roto system solutions make buildings around the world more comfortable, secure and attractive. Our company name has represented an inventive spirit and technological progress in compatible components for the construction industry since 1935. Roto has the world’s best expertise on the manufacture of hardware and the integration of hardware in windows and doors. This makes it possible for you to produce the best and most affordable windows and doors.


We hope that you can sense the immense enthusiasm that drives us and that you as a customer will experience from Roto time and time again – an enthusiasm that is unrivalled around the world.


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The success of SIEGENIA GROUP is "Made in Siegerland". Because here, in our fourth generation, we are developing future-oriented systems for maximum room comfort. More than 100 years of experience have made us a leading innovator worldwide today. This is thanks to every single employee, but also to all the regions in which we have been deeply rooted as a company and as an employer. That's why we consciously think outside the box at each location and passionately promote local projects with donations or campaigns. Whether this is for social or cultural purposes, through care or with sport, we see it as our mission to give something back to the community and to take responsibility for the regions that have always made made us strong.


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We design and manufacture all our products

At our production centre in Padrón, with over 50,000 m2, we design and manufacture all our products, including:


Hardware and accessories.

Polyamide and PVC insulating profiles.

EPDM sealing gaskets and all types of thermoplastics.

We lacquer all our products.


We have an in-house die-sinking and machinery department.


How we became a global supplier for systems companies

In 2002 we began to design and manufacture hardware for aluminium systems and, later, for PVC systems. At present, we have over 15,000 items in stock.


But we didn’t stop there, in 2007 we opened our polyamide insulating profiles manufacturing plant, adding PVC in 2011.

We are one of the very few ATG-certified manufacturers offering tubular profiles with calibrated interior cavities.

By bringing together these three product lines, we became the first company able to offer services as a comprehensive supplier for any systems company.


Finally, in 2013 we launched our die-sinking and machinery line, enabling us to design and manufacture our own products and offer shorter delivery times.


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5. Caldwell


We’ve been creating window hardware for the fenestration industry since 1888. Caldwell’s founders had core beliefs of taking the long view, innovating to meet changing market needs and a passion for customer satisfaction. Now, over 130 years later, although the core products have changed, the company’s beliefs have remained the same. Today, we remain just as convinced that these core beliefs will continue to serve us.


We continuously invest in our people to allow them to be the best they can be, building a team of highly trained and talented people to maintain our world-leading standards. We are passionate about the industry, and we are driven to provide our customers with products and service to the highest standards.


If you’re looking for a world-leading hardware manufacturer that’s dedicated to helping your fenestration business thrive, contact Caldwell today.


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Since 1840 we have protected homes and enabled peace of mind



Our story started in a small lockshop in US when Linus Yale created his first lock innovation. We have evolved from a mechanical innovator to driving the evolution of connected, smart locks and homes. Our brand stands on trust, knowledge and heritage; making durable, quality products. That is why we still exist today and in more than 120 countries.


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7. Alualpha


Founded in 1985, Alualpha was born as part of a pioneer company in the manufacture of aluminum windows founded in the 1960s. Due to its dynamism and knowledge of the sector, it quickly became a national leader in this area.


In order to be able to respond to the emerging needs in the specific hardware sector for aluminum frames, the company started manufacturing these hardware as a complement to aluminum frames.


However, in order to be able to respond effectively to market needs, investments were made, both in equipment and in new facilities at Terrugem.


Due to its technical knowledge, determination, creativity and innovation, Alualpha has autonomized itself from this activity.


In 2011 Alualpha renewed its corporate and visual image, creating a new logo, in order to position itself as a global company with its customers and stakeholders.


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MACO's headquarters in Salzburg is home to the central management departments and the main production. This includes, among other departments, development, product management, procurement, quality assurance, finance and marketing. A pre-requisite for achieving the high level of 98% in-house production is the in-house special machine construction. Additionally, we should highlight the Salzburg training workshop which is equipped with the most modern technology.


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At ALUMIL we are building excellence every day.


Through our modern production facilities and strict quality controls along the entire production line, we ensure the creation of superior products of high added value. Our continuous research and development leads to offering unique solutions with many innovative features, which totally meet the needs of our customers.



With more than 30 years of experience and 2.200 employees, in the design and production of architectural aluminium systems, we are one of the most advanced companies globally owning state-of-the art production lines in our 12 factories in Europe.


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