Muti Point Lock Door System




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Muti Point Lock Door System



A multi-point locking door system is a locking system with multiple locking points. They work by securing the door at multiple points, making it harder to break through. This type of system is often used for doors that require additional security, such as doors for homes and businesses. Multi-point locks are harder to pick than single-point locks, and they provide a higher level of security.


Muti Point Lock Door System


Configuration instructions



1.Commonly used in the European standard 20 slot inward opening door.

2.Single door best size is 900mm X 2200mm

3.The load-bearing performance of the hinge is related to the size of the sash and the design of the profile.

5.Colors are show the available parts for choosetogether with the European limit support is better.




Advantages of multi-point locking system



     A multi point lock system has multiple locking points along the length of the door as opposed to a single point lock which only has one. These locking points are usually at the top and bottom of the door as well as in the middle. Multi point locks are more secure than single point locks because it is more difficult to force open a door that has multiple locking points.

     A multi point lock door system is a locking system that has multiple points of contact that must be met in order for the door to unlock. This type of system is often seen on doors that are considered to be high security such as those found on safes or vaults. The multi point lock door system is designed to make it more difficult for someone to forced entry into a room or building.

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