Inward Open Concealed Two-Point Lock




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Inward Open Concealed Two-Point Lock Window System



The concealed two-point locking window system is designed for use with all types of windows, including casement awnings and double-hung windows. This easy-to-install system provides security and peace of mind as it cannot be seen from the outside and is nearly impossible to beat. The system is designed to provide an extra measure of safety to the windows. When the window is closed, the lock is hidden, making it difficult for potential burglars to see. The two-point locking system also makes it harder to force the windows to open.


Inward Open Concealed Two-Point Lock


Configuration instructions



1.This configuration is suitable for general slotless profiles.

2.The customer according to their favorite use of the handle. 

3.The load-bearing performance of the shoe is related to the size of the sash and the design of the profile.

4.Color accessories for the selection of accessories. The proposed specifications of the larger use of the middle of the use of the middle to prevent the deformation of the sash, keep the household sealing performance.

5.With the use of safety buckle can improve the safety performance of the window outside the window, especially in public places and the elderly, children's room.

6.The length of the transmission rod and the number of locks according to the size of the window type, the proposed sash height greater than 1200mm with 3 or more than three points.




Advantages of opening the dark two-point lock inward



     The inward open concealed two-point lock is a locking system that is designed to provide security for a door. This type of lock is typically used on doors that are located in areas where security is a concern such as businesses and government buildings. The inward open concealed two-point lock is a secure way to keep a door closed and helps to deter crime.

     The inward open concealed two-point lock is a very durable type of lock. It is designed to withstand a lot of use and abuse over time. The two-point locking system is much stronger than a single point locking system making it more resistant to forced entry. The concealed design also makes it more difficult for someone to tamper with the lock as it is hidden from view.